Lady Sloth was established in the first half of 2012. It means we are existing 7 years already! I would never have imagined that we would get so many wonderful customers so fast. What is more, never in my life have I dreamt of my own business.

Then how has Lady Sloth come into being? Well, it was entirely by chance. One Christmas my mother gave me a dress, sewn by her from the fabric she had found in a small local shop. And that’s how the first Clock dress was made. The dress got so many compliments from my friends that we decided to make more Clock dresses and started selling them. The positive response from our customers surpassed our wildest expectations. Therefore, one could say, Lady Sloth is a business that started from one dress.

Then, it was time for more prints, experimenting with fabrics, like silk for example, and first attempts at creating our own prints. We are constantly evolving and we have plans for many more casual items as well as super elegant dresses made of our fancy fabrics like silk and lace. Even though our business started randomly, there is no reason to worry about our professionalism. The chief seamstress, my mother, is a trained textile technologist experienced not only in sewing but also in designing and constructing dresses, including bridal gowns. She has spent almost 40 years working in the fashion industry. Every item is made under her supervision.

Lady Sloth started as a mother-daughter duo, but later company joined our graphic designer Antygea and my best friend Keczup. We are all working really hard to give you unique and cute prints. We aim to make Lolita more accessible. We desire our offer to reach those who like the elaborate, impeccably coordinated outfits for photoshoots or meet-ups as well as those who, just like me, prefer daily, simple and comfortable Lolita. For many girls sizing is an issue. That is why we offer custom sizing which allows both the tall girls and plus-sized girls to wear perfectly fitted clothes. Because in truth, every one of us can be a beautiful Lolita…even the sloth!