[MADE TO ORDER] Simple underskirt


Too short dress? With our underskirt it won’t be a problem anymore!

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Is your dress too short? We have a solution for you!  Underskirts can add length to your clothing. They can also add something extra to your coord.

This underskirt has one chiffon frill, but we also have an option with two ruffles. This model was available in 65 lengths before, but we decided to add different options too.

This underskirt is available in a few lengths, so you can choose the perfect option matching your height. All underskirt costs 40 USD 

Size S – waist from 60 to 80 cm
Size M – waist from 80 to 100 cm
Size L – waist from 100 to 130 cm

Size XL – waist from 120-160 cm


For colour references, please check this folder:
Please note that colours can look slightly different depends on your monitor settings.




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50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm, 65 cm


Black, White, Ivory, Vanilla, Beige, Pudding, Light Brown, Chocolate Brown, Apricot, Yellow, Orange, Brick, Salmon, Powder Pink, Pink, Candy Pink, Fuschia, Amaranth, Coral, Red, Bordeaux, Grassy Green, Dark Green, Mint, Light Blue, Blue, Cornflower Blue, Navy, Purple, Heather, Greyish Purple, Grey, Bloody Red


S, M, L, XL